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About the project
September 14, 2006, 7:55 am
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  Urban and Peri-urban Agriculture –  Towards a better understanding of low-income producers’ organizations   

The Project, which is funded by IDRC and operated by FAO, is aimed at generate knowledge for a better understanding of types and performance of existing formal and informal urban and peri-urban producers’ organisations in cities of developing countries. The final goal is to generate knowledge that will help to better understand the types and performance of existing formal and informal urban and peri-urban producer organizations in developing country cities, strengthen these and promote new organizations which will be more effective and sustainable.

Why? Who?

Urban and peri-urban agriculture (UPA) and related activities have been receiving increased attention in recent years as a dimension of urbanization worldwide and as a means to alleviate poverty and improve diets in urban and peri-urban areas. Gaining a better understanding of UPA’s role in urban food security and ensuring that it can contribute both to sustainable livelihoods of producers and accessibility of safe and nutrient-rich foods for urban consumers has become part of the agenda of the FAO and in particular of the “Food for the Cities” Multidisciplinary Group (FAO-FCIT). Several of FAO’s programmes are providing technical and policy assistance to member states aimed at the improvement of agricultural, livestock, aquacultural and silvicultural production systems, development of the processing, marketing and distribution of products from such systems, enhancement of their overall contribution to post-crisis and longer term urban food security and improved nutrition among the urban poor. 

For nearly a decade the International Development Research Centre (IDRC), through its ”Cities Feeding People Programme Initiative”, has closely collaborated with FAO in the development of UPA-related work at global, regional and country levels in policy and technology-oriented research, training and information. This collaboration has included joint seminars and publications, joint speakers at sessions of global summits, joint sponsoring and participation in workshops with local authorities and agricultural and urban planners in
Latin America, West and
East Africa and support to mayors’ declarations. FAO has also collaborated in various ways with the global Resource Centre on Urban Agriculture and Forestry (RUAF), coordinated by ETC International and supported by the Netherlands Directorate General for International Cooperation (DGIS), IDRC and several other agencies.       

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